Inventory of 1834 Revision List for Vilna #lithuania

Joel Ratner

The 1834 Revision List for "Vilna" includes records from LVIA/515/15/542 - 548. The records from 542 are currently part of the ALD. I have taken full inventory of the records in 543 - 548. Jill and Russ estimated there are approximately 15,000 records among the 6 LDS microfilms holding these records. I can report there are 7600 registration numbers with records to be translated and can confirm there are many records for other towns including:
There are also a handful of records for Musnik and Podberezhe as well as a whole host of others.
There is also a single record for Olkeniki. The surname for that record is LEIPUN.
The listing I developed indexes the image numbers so it is easy to figure out where records for a given town are located. Anyone interested in the spreadsheet can email me.
Joel Ratner
Newton, Ma.

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