Lancut, Galicia/Poland: 1849 Cadastral Map in Gesher Galicia's Map Room #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

Come walk the streets of Lancut by viewing Gesher Galicia's newest
cadastral map for 2015: an 1849 beautiful, slightly worn, full color map
for Lancut (Lantzut, Landshut, Lancut) with the hamlet of Katy.

The richly-featured map includes a double market square, a castle, an
imperial hospital, a prominent synagogue and a large church, and both
Catholic and Jewish cemeteries; a second Jewish cemetery established
after the original survey is shown in the red-line additions, done at a
later date. Land parcels and houses are clearly numbered. The images
for this map were provided to Gesher Galicia by the Archiwum Panstwowe
w Przemyslu. The map can be viewed here:

Located in the Rzeszow province, Jews had an organized Jewish
community with a wooden synagogue and a cemetery starting in the
17th century when they were joined by some Sephardi Jewish families
who had been invited to settle there. The town also has a rich rabbinic
history. The yizkor book for Lancut is here:

The full map room collection is here:

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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