SAEVITZ/SAVEVITCH and variant spellings #ukraine


My father-in-law, Herschel Saevitz (aka Harry Sayevitch), was brought to the UK as a child from the Poltava region of Ukraine c 1905. The 1911 UK census shows him to have been born in Kriukov, which seems to have been a shtetl near Kremenchug. His parents were Nathan Saevitz, b Romny, Ukraine c 1877 and Rebecca Troshansky, b Kremenchug c 1880. His siblings comprised Louis, Benjamin, Joseph, Esther and Gertrude.

Inspection of the LDS films for Romny leads me to think that Nathan was the son of Movsha Avram Hirsch Gillels Saevich, a former soldier of Romny. A very distant family connection has suggested that Nathan's mother was Paulia Lesnia. I have not yet seen documentation to refute or verify this.

Nathan was a Levite, and the FT-DNA Ashkenazi Levite project, of which Nathan's grandson is a part, has shown distant but direct paternal links with the Horowitz rabbinical dynasty. I do not know when the name evolved into Saevitz. Rabbinical records for Romny include entries for Saevitz males officiating at marriages but it has not been possible to verify whether these individuals are linked to Nathan's line.

As I have been researching this line for some years without making any further progress, I will probably abandon the search soon. However, if there is anyone with links to the family or who has helpful observations, I'd be very grateful to hear from them.

Thank you in advance for any insights.

Mary Sayers
Peak District, UK

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