Re: FTJP-Family Tree of the Jewish People #courland #general

Joseph Walder

The defects of Geni are well known and well described in this discussion thread, but I keep a tree there nonetheless, and it paid off in spades when I was trying to research old Tsarist-era Russian-language records. In one case, a person who might plausibly be called a "collector" (as used above by Ms. Rich) and whose native language was Russian had posted to Geni screen captures of old documents that he had found on the Alex Krakovsky website for Ukrainian records. Those old documents were birth and death records for people from my grandmother's extended family in Ukraine. There is nearly no chance I would have found them myself, as my grasp of Russian does not extend beyond being able to recognize some names written in Cyrillic script. In another case, an Israeli descendant of that same extended family in Ukraine contacted me when he found a certain name in my tree, and he wound up supplying me with a large number of names that I had not had previously.

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