Re: Meaning of Bazel and Chepah #romania #names

Adam Turner

Another possibility is that the person had a compound name, but various people in the family only remembered one half of the name. 

Say your great-grandmother's name was actually Basha-Reizel Sussman. Maybe the person who filled out the marriage certificate remembered the "Basha", hence the "Bazel" on that document. But maybe your immediate family actually only remembered the "Reizel" - and that's why you know her name as "Rose". Ideally, you'd be able to see her gravestone to confirm her name, or at least look at the Hebrew names of her granddaughters and great-granddaughters to see if there's a pattern of her descendants all having the same Hebrew names, making them likely candidates for having been named after her.

Also, are you looking at the actual marriage certificate document, or just the index that shows a transcription of the marriage certificate in a database? Another possibility that occurs to me is that maybe whoever indexed the marriage certificate mistranscribed the "R" in "Razel" as a "B." If the certificate actually lists her name as "Razel" (Reizel), that would pretty clearly fit with your understanding that her name was "Rose."

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