Re: Inventory of 1834 Revision List for Vilna #lithuania

Russ Maurer

Thank you Joel for this detailed inventory (and for alerting me previously about the presence of these films online). LitvakSIG has already begun translation work. There is much new here, but not everything. As you pointed out, file 542 has already been translated. We have also translated a different file, LVIA/515/25/300, which is a duplicate file of the 1834 revision list and subsequent additional revision lists for Vilna district, but not Vilna city itself. Through this translation, the following places are done and available through the ALD: Boguslavishok, Gelvan, Michalishok, Malyat, Musnik, Podbrezhe, and Shirvint (lines 40-58 and 165-196 on your inventory). This reduces the number of new registrations to be translated by about 2000. Our estimate of the work to be done did not include these places.

We would welcome any volunteer translators who would like to help out with this effort. Please get in touch with me. Knowledge of Russian is required.

As we complete these translations, they will first be made available to donors to the Vilnius District Research Group, and then will be added to the ALD after about 18 months. Please consider supporting the project through a donation to the DRG. A qualifying donation of $100 will give you five years of access to all of the Vilna DRG files as well as new translations as they come out.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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