Nussbaum family: Helmut, David, #germany


My husband’s family lived in Wanne Eikel.  They were under house arrest when the soldiers who were watching them fell asleep.
Their housekeeper called a friend who had a car to take them to Cologne to say goodbye to their elders before they escaped.  They went to France where they lived in hiding until they were able to go to Israel. 

We have a copy of a memorial Book, about the family, that was written about the Nussbaum’s of Wanne Eikel, perhaps 20 years ago. Memorial was written at the time when the town was remembering those who died in the Holocaust.  The final sentence states that “ the fate of the Nussbaum’s is unknown “.
We would appreciate any further info if it is available.

Thank you, Gail Shneyer Nussbaum and Abraham Nussbaum


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