Fairy Tales my Father Told Me #belarus

Judite Orensztajn

My mother z”l used to tell that her grandfather was very rich, was a farm owner – but actually he was the administrator of the farm. Most of Jews were very poor, so maybe his financial situation was better.
His name was Mordechai Heizeriger, from Novaselitsa. He was known as Der Toiger (the one who can). Four of his children (including my grandmother, my mother’s mother) emigrated to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and now his descendants form a huge family, most of them in Rio de Janeiro, with branches in Israel, USA, Australia… So, he was truly rich!

Judite Orensztajn, Jerusalem, Israel



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Some tales are right and others fanciful. My 3nd g uncle, the first to come to the US, supposedly because he killed a Cossack who was raping his sister. I rather think this might be right, because they still had them on the books in Augustow 30 years after he left, so I think they were still looking for him (they should have looked in Pittsburgh). They weren't looking for any of the other brothers and sisters.


But most of the tales of 'working for the Czar' and such are exaggerated terribly; very, very few Jews did things in the government..


Sally Bruckheimer

Princeton, NJ


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