Re: US Naturalization Papers from the Supreme Court #usa #general

Sally Bruckheimer

"U.S. law provides that naturalization can be done in any court or by the attorney general."
This, like most government things - and a lot else - only happened at certain times. We all know that the INS, and its successor now, have universal jurisdiction of naturalizations in the US.
I went to Niagara County Hall and asked for my cousin's naturalization papers, the last ones in the Index Book there, in 1906, and they brought them from somewhere and put them in my hand.
Things may vary in different states, in the specifics, but in the generalization, it isn't true. Lots of people say, get the Passenger List and look at the Certificate of Arrival, or look at the second page, but either of those is only good for certain, recent years.
Things change, and we have to ask the right questions, about certain times and places.  Generalizations generally aren't true.  Even if the person asked about a certain year, it is misleading to answer without specifying.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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