Re: SAEVITZ/SAVEVITCH and variant spellings #ukraine


I don't think I can ad any insights, but my family name is Shayevitz. My paternal grandfather came to New York by way of Dvinsk, Latvia (Daugavspols).  His family actually appears in an 1893 Russian census. As your father-in-law, we hold the tradition that we are Leviim.  I have not participated in the particular project that you mention, but I would appreciate learning more about it.

Most of my grandfathers family moved on to Chicago where they still live. He had only one brother, David, who I believe he was childless.  His sisters married into the Chicago families Slavin and Kreitzman, and preferred the patronymic Aronova to Shayevitz for some reason.  His mother (my great-grandmother) was Riva Mindlin who emigrated to the US and lived in Chicago with her daughters.  She was also from Dvinsk. My great-grandfather died in Dvinsk, never making it to the US.

New York

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