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David Lewin

At 03:35 07/06/2020, kfhgw via wrote:
I'm sorry if this sounds silly but in researching a brother of the ancestor, his lists his father's name as Dove on the death certificate.  There is nothing on the tombstone.  I don't see the name anywhere else in the family and the family I believe is from Poland.  I've not seen Dove as a name before and was wondering if it is short, Yiddish, or nickname for something else.  He lists his mother as Annie which 2 out of the 4 sons have daughter's named Fannie.

Karen Gramigna-Warren

Dov - without the e on the end is a common personal name,   It means "Bear"   In Yiddish "Berl"
I guess the 3 on the end is an endearment of Dov

David Lewin

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