Re: Help locating town from Poznan area census #poland #translation

Simon Srebrny

Carlsruhe O/S = Carlsruhe, Oberschlesien = Carlsruhe in Upper Silesia = nowadays Pokój, Poland.
Militsch = Milicz
I am surprised google did not want to share this info with you directly.
When I read your post, my heart missed a beat, as I had relatives named ECKSTEIN in that very same Carlsruhe.
Just two letters of separation from your folks, but no cigar.
Simon Srebrny
(from London, living in Berlin)

Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2020 18:45:22 EDT 

Hi folks.

I’m having trouble finding the towns mentioned in this card (attached), it is from a census written in German. My guess is that these are towns near the Polish/German border. I have circled out the towns in a red box.

I would also very much appreciate to learn where are these towns today.

Moses J.


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