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Margarita Lacko

Just for the record, the name of the book is "Wine and Thorns in Tokay Valley: Jewish Life in Hungary; The History of Abaújszántó" by Zahava Száz Stessel.


Most of my BLAU family is mentioned in this book. A treasure for me!


Margarita Lackó

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I wonder, are you looking for the 'Szasz family--Zahava Szasz-----  famous book 'Thorns in the Tokaj Valley?--From Abaujszanto Hungary?

She lives in New York and her sister is in Israel

Zahava --I had the honour to meet her personally --is an exceptionally fine, superb Lady--her books are 'treasured'--

She/her family lived in the same street in Abaujszanto -Hungary--as my Grandparents---Biederman ( Grunwald)

Best wishes to you and to Everybody at JewishGen.

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