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  Autosomal DNA is the way to go in this case.  You inherit 50% from
mom and 50% from dad.   You will match people on both sides. Jewish
autosomal DNA tends to be fairly challenging.  But top matches down to
about 2nd cousin level should still all be fairly accurate.  Beyond that
it gets very challenging to work with.

If you want to explore deep ancestry, YDNA can be helpful, but you would
need a male direct line descendant of your father's line. If he had no
daughters, you could look to his brothers, or their sons.  Or his
father's brothers and their sons, etc.

If you wish to explore YDNA, there are 2 free webinars by UGA that I am
teaching. One was the end of last month, and should be posted any day
and be free for a week, the 2nd is the 4th Tue this month and is free
live (and hopefully for a week after it is posted. )

  I admin a Jewish YDNA haplogroup project. If you wish more help in
that arena feel free to ask questions!

Vivs Laliberte

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