Re: Fairy Tales my Father Told Me #belarus

Lee Hover

I was told that my GF, Jacob Messing, was a nihilist and left Warsaw after a Cossack cat o' nine tails blinded him in one eye.  About a year after arriving here, his wife, Zipporah (Sophie) arrived w/ my infant father, Herman.  About 6 weeks later, he took them on a picnic to Central Park.  He excused himself to get a drink of water and shot himself to death.  As to the nihilist story, I have no idea as to any truth in it.  The suicide itself is documented on his death certificate and I have newspaper articles about it.  Also in the mix: "he married beneath himself (!)", they never married.  I found his tombstone, which said brother, but no mention of wife.  Since everyone is long gone, I'll never know.

Lacey, WA

 LAP(P)IN Lithuania; KLEIN Hungary; MESSING Warsaw, Ger, Poland; ALTSCHULER ALTSZULER Warsaw

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