Re: Back dating recording in 1883 for births occuring 1848-1863? #galicia

Mark Jacobson


This is actually a common situation for towns in Galicia. Many Jews in
Galicia did not have civil marriages (especially before 1900), and when
they did it was often later in life. The 1883 civil marriage registration
is not back dated, it is when it actually occurred. There was a religious
marriage years before, but that was not accepted as legal by the
Austrian authorities - the civil marriage had to occur with the
government recognized Rabbi and be recorded in the register. The
civil marriage would trigger a legitimization of all children previously
born to the couple, regardless of their current age. In many towns the
clerks would go back to old birth records and mark the children
legitimate. They would also create records for children who were born,
or died, often many years previously but were never registered. This
process to make the children legitimate through civil marriage allowed
the children to use their father's surname in legal situations like for
travel documents or business and to seek higher education.

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Dave Lewak <> wrote:

... I'm trying to make sense of some odd records found for my
great-great-grandfather's, Simcha Winzelberg's, family, who lived in
Czchow near Brzesko in the 1800s. It looks like the records were made
in 1883, for births that occurred much earlier....

... I also have a marriage record for Kalman Winzelberg and Mindl
Silberstein, dated in 1883, where their ages are listed as 58 and 56,
respectively. This also looks like a back dating recording....

... Why were the birth dates recorded 20 years or later, all at once?
Why was the marriage of Kalman and Mindl recorded at the same time?....

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