Re: Trouble identifying city / town on ship manifest #austria-czech


I can't find these entries on the original Montezuma manifest, arriving New Brunswick, Canada on Mar 23, 1906.  The handwriting on your list does not resemble anything on the original and must have been made later.
By the way, your grandmother did not make her own entry on the passenger list. It was made by a clerk from information given by the ticket purchaser.  At that time few immigrants from continental Europe could read or write English, in any case.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 6/7/2020 2:39 PM, Jeremy Lefkowitz wrote:
In the "country" column, my great-grandmother put "Austria," but for "city or town" I cannot tell what was entered.  It looks something like "RUBASSA" or "RUBACCA," but I cannot figure it out.  It's the fourth one down from the top of the section in the attached image.  The manifest is for the S.S. Montezuma, March 23 1906.  If anyone has any leads on what this may say, I'd love some help!
Thank you,

Jeremy Lefkowitz
Swarthmore, PA

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