Re: Towns within Poznan region JewishGen' Gazetteer #poland

Alexander Sharon

I have retain slightly modified title of the original posting to keep the thread for the reference.
Of course both towns are not in Poznan region - I have some idea about, as I'm originally from this part of the world.

Milicz is located right on the border line between dolnoslaskie (Lower Silesian) and wielkopolskie (i.e. ex Poznan) regions that is not surprising that in original posting town was listed as located within Poznan.

Bad Carlsruhe (modern Pokój), on the other hand, is located in the Opole Region, which is not officially a Lower Silesia (L.S. or Wroclawskie) since it was known as Sląsk Opolski or Oppelner Schliesien or sometimes even West - Oberschliesen.

Knowledge of Polish - German history is fascinating subject indeed.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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