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A name that is lined out either (1) was not on board the ship at all or (2) is on another page of the manifest.
I have seen where a family does not get to the ship on time, or a family member is too sick to travel. They can usually be found on another ship a week or maybe more later.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 6/7/2020 9:31 PM, Jx. Gx. wrote:
Hello Fellow Genners.

What does it mean when a passenger's name is lined through on a ship's manifest?  I was thinking maybe he upgraded his ticket from steerage to first or second class or that maybe he missed the boat entirely.  His name did not appear in the upgraded registry of the ship. I also checked the manifest for passengers detained or held for special inquiries - nothing.  To add to the mystery, on his Declaration of Intention four years later in  April 1911, he indicated that he came over on the SS President Lincoln on June 4, 1909.  The ship definitely arrived in New York on that date, but he wasn't on the manifest. Thank you for your comments.

Jeffrey Gee

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