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Kenneth Ryesky

Folks, if you choose to be judgmental of all your relatives, then your family tree listing and your enemies list will eventually become one and the same document.
One of the strongest (and underutilized) arguments in favor of family history research is that empirical evidence strongly suggests that all else being equal, children who know their family history are better postured for success in life than those who are unfamiliar with their family background.
If my own family is typical (not that there is any such thing as a "typical family"), I have Communist Party apparatchiks and nomenklaturaniks, as well as a founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition and other people who are or were solidly on the righthand side of the political spectrum.
There WILL be differing political, social, and religious differences.  If you are as highly outspoken and opinionated as I am, then being nonjudgmental will be a challenge.  Much of my research successes have come through collaboration and note-comparing with people who would be (and have been) my adversaries in other contexts. 
When doing personal genealogy, I think of my biases as just another brick wall that needs to be broken through in the research process. 
-- KHR

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