MILER/MILLER - Yosel and Mina with sons Yudel and Chaim; Shavli/Šiauliai, Lithuania #lithuania

Joseph Lonstein

I'm searching for more information on the family of Yosel MILER (b. Luoke 1903, son of Heshel MILER and Chaja VAIRIBERG) and his wife Mina nee LEVITAN (b. 1887 Siauliai, daughter of Yudel LEVITAN and Liebe SCHNEIDER).  Their sons were Yudel (b. 1928) and Chaim (b. 1930). 

I found in the ALD Revision lists that this family was in the Siauliai ghetto in 1942, and Bad Arolsen indicates that the son Chaim was later in Stuttgart.  Yad Vashem has testimonies for the father Yosel and son Chaim written in 1999 by a woman named Rivka Ben Yehuda BUS (can't find out more about her because I can't read the Hebrew).  The family's mother, Mina nee LEVITAN, was my great-grandmother's cousin and her name is found in a 1946 book of survivors from Lithuania.  I'm trying to find what happened to Mina after she returned to Sialuliai, and if her son Yudel MILER also survived. 

Thank you for any hints.

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

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