Re: passenger manifest missing/not indexed? #general

Marion Werle

Immigration recollections are not always correct. For some reason (I haven't conducted a scientific survey, however!) people seem to remember the ship name more often than the precise date. If you search by month/year and ship name (don't use a name in your search), you will get a list of manifests from the approximate time period. You may need to search the manifests manually, and you may need to expand the time period. Also, Julius Silver may have arrived under the surname Zilber, and Julius may have been something else as well. You need to be very creative when searching for passenger lists. My comments reflect doing searches on Ancestry.

And for the record, I have never found my maternal grandmother's ship manifest after 25 years of searching. She was always boasting that she didn't have to travel in steerage, and Marian Smith (formerly of USCIS) said that non-steerage passengers didn't always appear on passenger manifests during some time periods.

Marion Werle
Los Angeles, CA

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