Re: Vetting family tree submissions to genealogy sites for data soundness #general

Ralph Baer

I have enjoyed this thread and connected posts about the accuracy of trees and information submitted to sites like Geni and Ancestry because the posts have mirrored my feelings. There is a high percentage of junk. In theory the junk should get weeded out by repeated edits like wrong information in Wikipedia -- but it doesn't work like that. On several occasions, I have become irritated after an exchange of emails with a poster who has grafted obviously wrong information, for example, parents already dead years before the birth have been added. Reading that others have similar thoughts has calmed me a bit. Ancestry has caveats to check the information, for example the suggestions that they have added to my tree.

I have attached a list in PDF form of my ancestral family names and towns including cases where brothers took different names. It's too long to add at the bottom of this message. Unless otherwise indicated, all locations are in present-day Germany.
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