Re: Seeking genealogical resources for Milicz (Militsch) SW Poland #poland

Joan A. Baronberg

Hello Moses,
I recently did a biography of a friend whose maiden surname is Militscher. She lived in that area, mainly Breslau, until in 1938 the family escaped from Breslau and made it to British Mandate Palestine. I never found documentation of exact roots of their family before Ostrowo, although I would assume they have some connection with the town from whom they drew their surname. I have further info. on Ostrowo. I would also suggest YIVO in NY. When they escaped, they left behind a grandmother and other relatives. I do not know where they are buried and if cemetery records for them have been found, but I could ask the family.Let me know if any of this has interest for you. Perhaps one other lead would beĀ  Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association in Givat Chaim, Israel.

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