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Max Heffler

"very often the data collected by commercial genealogical companies is useless"

The Record matching at Ancestry and MyHeritage are very valuable.

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....... very often the data collected by commercial genealogical companies is useless. Therefore, I have not bothered to be a member of any of these companies. My experience regarding my own collection of genealogical data (based mostly on official documents) is rather irritating. My data has been leaked to two such companies without my permission, and one of them is keeping sending me (via a family member) "new matchings" or "supplements" which most of the time can be characterized as rubbish. I would advise anybody interested in collecting reliable genealogical data to treat with the utmost suspicion anything these commercial companies are responsible for.

Prof. Isak Gath MD, DIC, DSc

I could not have said it better. Like Prof. Gath, i've found it a huge waste of time to look in those commercial databases. To pay them money as a subscriber is adding insult to injury. Reminds me of the old database saying 'garbage in, garbage out', and then paying for the garbage. Like Gath some outdated versions of my own family data has somehow—to my great dismay— ended up in them.
Jeff Malka 


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