Re: "Mother" (But Not "Husband") On a Married Woman's Grave #general

Laurie Budgar

I have a similar quandary. I have a husband & wife who were second cousins, and are buried side-by-side. Her stone says "beloved sister" and his stone doesn't have any familial notes -- just his name and date of death, along with the usual Hebrew inscriptions. In this case, he died before she did, so I always assumed whoever buried her was a sibling. I also wondered, though, if maybe the family disapproved of their union (or the fact that he was something of a ne'er-do-well) and that's also why it didn't say "beloved wife." Would the cemetery still have records on who paid for their burials? Does the fact that they're both buried in the Hebrew Free Burial Cemetery change things? (I always thought that was for the indigent -- so if there was a sibling to pay for the burial why was she put there? Simply because her husband was?) 


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