Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Ellen Lukas Kahn

The idea of having all genealogists go to their own synagogues to copy the information on all memorial plaques is a great idea for several reasons:
1.    The data can be put on similar spreadsheets such as was done for cemeteries.  I would suggest that JewishGen develop a master form to post on JewishGen, and find a volunteer to coordinate this (like Nolan Altman).
2.    Doing it from inside our synagogues is easier for most of us than going to cemeteries in other states and other countries.
Ellen Lukas Kahn
FAMILY NAMES, TOWNS (all in Germany)


GUNDELFINGER, Michelbach an der Lüecke

JACOBS, Osaan-Wittlich

KAHN, Klüsserath (an der Mosel)

KAHN, Osaan-Wittlich

KAHN, Rhaunen (Hunsrück)

LEVY, Aach (bei Trier)

LUCAS, LUKAS, Duisberg, Mülheim an der Ruhr

MAY, MAI, Niedermendig/Mendig

MEZGER, Crailsheim, Goldbach

NEUMANN, Wiesenbach

ROSENFELD, Wallhausen, Hengstfeld

SCHWAB, Schwäbisch Hall, Düensbach, Oberdorf bei Bopfingen

STRAUS, Laufersweiler


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