Researching LEBEDENKO/POPOV family! #names #romania #russia


Hey everyone!
I am looking for any information about my maternal family called LEBEDENKO or POPOV who lived in Moldova. 
I know some first names: Kiril LEBEDENKO my Moldavian greatgrandfather (born on 1894), married around 1920 to Fidorka/Feodora POPOV, my Romanian greatgrandmother (born on 1900) in the city of Nikolaevka, Moldova, where Kiril was born. Then the couple immigrated to Brazil, probably from Deutschland... one of them must have their names somewhere in the Hamburg Passenger Lists, though I couldn’t find it...
Kiril’s father was Afanásio LEBEDENKO who was son of Yahim LEBEDENKO, his mother is unknown. Afanásio married Ksenia SEMENICHEN/SEMENIKIN, daughter of Halimon SEMENIKIN & Feudocia (I don’t have registration of any of her surnames before her marriage to Halimon). 
Fidorka/Feodora‘s parents were Gerassin/Heracin POPOV, son of Miheika POPOV & Parankia CERKASSIN, & Anna BULGACOV, daughter of Grigori BULGACOV & Marfa/Marhutka YASTREBOV.
Any of their names, if are there any translations or anyone could explain the differing names for the same people, it’d be great help, I would love to have them in Russian as well... 
No matter how much information, if any, contact me please!!!

Lailah Lebedenco Evangelista, from Brazil

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