Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Neil Kominsky

I am 100% in favor of the memorial plaques project, which has wide coverage here in Massachusetts.  A word of caution, however: Get permission from the synagogue before you start copying.  I have encountered folks who have privacy concerns and are not comfortable about the information going online.  Frustrating as it is, they are entitled to say no.

(Rabbi) Neil Kominsky
Brookline, MA

researching Blitstein (Vitebsk), Rothstein (Poland?), Samson (Iasi), Chalit (Odessa), Kominsky (Aleksandriya, Ukraine), Medvedovsky (Nikolaev, Ukraine), Frank (Altenschoenbach, Lower Franconia), Rosenbaum (Kunreuth, Bavaria), Pentlarz/ Pentlarge (Hostovice, Bohemia), Kleemann (Werneck, Bavaria), May (Wolfisheim, Alsace)

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