Re: Translation from Russian - Pictures (LEBEDENKO/LEBEDENCO family) #photographs #russia #romania #translation #ukraine

Dr.Josef ASH

You have here 4 pictures.
from below:
Written in Russian: "Russian Bapthise Sosciety on the day of founding - Varna 17 IV 1932"
next up:  :"J. Belaniuk 13.6.1948" the photographer's name. Ukrainian surname (as well as Lebedenko). THe nombers shoud be written on the back side of the picture with the names...
next up: on the sign board above the entrance in Russian: "Greetings to all the baptists. The 6th congress SSBB (don't know this abbreviation)"
Written : "Festive meeting of the 6-th congress June 13, 1940, esperanso"
with names: you can read them. one of them is russian Kiril.Pestina looks like the woman's Russian surname
Ogurtsova is the Russian surname

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