Re: Descendants of Dutch Jews. Any interest? #general


Hi Roberta
Your comment about reverting back to the patronymic surname is very interesting, because Jewish people had to register a name in 1811 during the French occupation of the Netherlands. Abraham Levy Joel VOGEL was also known as Albert Leopold VOGEL. He was born on 1 June 1796 in The Hague and is reputed to have died on 18 Feb 1855 in Cleveland, Ohio. His father was Levy Joel VOGEL, born about 1748 in Amsterdam and died on 23 Nov 1833 in The Hague. His father was Joel [Samuel] Levy [VOGEL], born about 1714 in Amsterdam [?] and died on 10 Mar 1771 in The Hague. 
Levy Joel VOGEL had been named Levy Joel when he registered the VOGEL name on 31 Dec 1811 [see p. 94 of the publication "Naamsaanneming en behoud door Hoogduitse Joden in 1811" by Sv E Veldhuijzen, published in The Hague 1982]. At the registration, he recorded his son Abraham Levy Joel, then 16 years old.
Would Abraham Levy Joel VOGEL have reverted to Abraham Levy Joel, once in the USA?
Looking forward to your comments.
Nick Lambrechtsen, NZ

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