Re: synagogue memorial plaques #JewishGenUpdates

Deborah Blankenberg

How would information about the deceased be an invasion to them?.  What is different from information developed from a headstone which could also provide leads to children, grandchildren, siblings, occupation, fraternal groups, tribe, age?
Memorial plaques give an another insight to our basis. 
As genealogists, we view this information as important to share, but not everyone is a genealogist. I wanted to document a small, private Jewish cemetery in my area several years ago, but the family that runs it declined to let me do so, because they didn't want the information to be posted online. I've also heard of Find A Grave volunteers being met with open hostility from people who didn't want their relatives' graves and information posted online. 

Even though we might not understand the reasoning behind their reluctance, I think we have to respect their feelings. 
Deborah Blankenberg (JewishGen ID #613395)
Lodi, CA
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