Re: Queens, NY cemeteries and Florence Marmor #general

Peter Cohen

Mokom Sholom, Acacia, and Bayside are 3 different cemeteries. Although they are right next to each other and are managed by the same entity, they have separate records.  Acacia is well maintained. I have not been to Bayside for about 7 years, but it has a reputation of being partially consumed by poison ivy. (That may have improved in the last few years?)  Mokom Sholom is closed and can only be accessed by appointment.  I heard that their management office is difficult to deal with, but that has not been my experience. The person I spoke with was pleasant and helpful. There are several phone numbers on Bayside (718)843-8480, Mokom Sholom (718)845-6030, Acacia (718)845-9240.

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