Re: Spanish translation help requested #translation


Hi Leya,

This is the birth certificate registration for Margarita Levinoff, born on Nov 4, 1938 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, to Miguel Levinoff, 27, originally from Vakum (?), Russia and his wife, Aida Bosques, originally from Cuba, married, 17 years old. 
Miguel's parents, both deceased, were Jorge Levinoff and Ana Kuik.
(On the left side, is written Miguel's immigration file number: 82113.
Miguel & Aida's address was: Calle de Guajardo 37, if I can understand correctly the handwriting.
Not a literally translation, but the main points.
I hope it helps you in your research.
Gabriel Dardik 
Weston, FL
DARDIK & STISMAN (Soroka & Vertujieni, Bessarabia)
LIBERMAN (Trochenbrod, Sofievka, Lutsk -Ukraine)
Strazgorodsky (Ukraine)

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