Re: Spanish translation help requested #translation

Crivorot, Sergio



Finally somebody posts a document that I can help with ! Unfortunately I can’t help with the place called Vakum, but the rest is as follows:


·       November 15, 1938 – town of San Luis de Potosi

·       Miguel Levinoff, married, coppersmith, 27 years old, from Vakum, Russia, resident at calle de Guajardo 37 (or something similar)

·       Birth on November 4 of a girl, Margarita Levinoff

·       Mother Aida Bosques, 17 years old, from Cuba,

·       The baby is a granddaughter of Jorge Levinoff and Ana Kuik (?) , deceased and of Juan Bosques (40 years old) and Ana Bosques , 35

·       Witnesses Moises Rodriguez and Guillermo de La Vega, single, adults, not relatives of the family

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