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David Lewin

At 11:41 11/06/2020, Jill Whitehead via wrote:
I am seeking an English equivalent of the first name Shapsei who was
the father of Samuel Servian who was a cousin of my grandfather who
was also called Samuel Servian (ne Serwianski). Shapsei and his son
were born in Kovno in Lithuania, whereas my Servians came from
nearby Sejny in Suwalki Gubernia in NE Poland. I have come across
Samuel as being a translation of Shapsei, but this seems unlikely as
his son was called Samuel. Certain names are repeated in the
Servian/Serwianski family (e.g. Mordecai/Max, Josiel/Joseph,
Baruch/Barnet, Abraham/Albert, Jacob/Julius) but Shapsei is not one
of them - could this be a pet name for another name?

There are several Samuel Servian/Server/Serviansky's (all cousins)
in the same generation who lived in variously Liverpool, UK;
Middlesbrough, UK (a rabbinical line who came from Vistytis in
Lithuania which used to be in Suwalki Gubernia until 1919), Chicago,
Pittsburgh, California, Grand Rapids, Toronto and New York. Most
have two first names. My grandfather was Samuel Salmon (Solomon),
and his Liverpool cousin was Samuel Henry (presumably after
Hirsch?). Therefore it is possible Shapsei is one part of a two part name.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has a Shapsei in their
family and what the English version of the name was most likely to be.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

The Hebrew name is Shbtai - derives from Shabbat

David Lewin

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