Who Was Cudek APOTHEKER from Krakow # galicia #general

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I found Cudek APOTHEKER on the business directory of Krakow in 1913. I believe he is member of my wife's family,several of whom I found on several Krakow addresses directories as from 1890 onward.

But Cudek may be another form of Tzudik and I found on the FTJP a certain Charles Tzudik APOTHEKER, born in Kishunev in 1855 to Moshe Mayer APOTHEKER  who was the son of Tzudik APOTHEKER.

Since his name is Charles I assume that at a certain stage he settled in an English speaking country. Based of what I know about the APOTHEKERs, some of them related to the Landau and Horowiztz

Rabbinical dynasties the fact that he was born as far as Kishinev does not "frighten" me. 

I wonder whether anyone can shed some more light  on it?

Jacob Rosen


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