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Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this venue and so am hoping that someone can help me. I participated in the talk yesterday given by Avraham Groll (very informative) and just learned about Yizkor books. My family was mostly wiped out in the Holocaust and so I didn't have hardly any information about any ancestors beyond the names of my grandparents who were killed. My ancestors came from Kolomyya and Drohobycz in Galicia, Poland and I found Yizkor books on those towns. The one from Kolomyya has a table of contents that I can see but I cannot read anything that is included in the book, nor find any information about where else to find any. I tried to contact the "contact" person written on the front page of the book in the JewishGen website and have not received any response. In fact I have contacted multiple people via the JewishGen website who are listed as contacts regarding specifically possible family members and have never received any response.
Does anyone have any information about any of my topics above who can help?
Thank you,

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