Looking for information about my family from Yedenitz #bessarabia


I am trying to find information about my family from Bessarabia (Yedenitz).  My great-grandfather was Charles (Chaskel) Perlman. He was a rabbi.   He married Nechomo Mekler (Mackler or Meckler), my great-grandmother.  She died in Bessarabia before my great-grandfather came to the US around 1899 with five children including my grandmother who was about 5.  My grandmother had said that she was the youngest of 10 children.  We don't have any idea if those children were alive and stayed in Bessarabia or what.   My great-grandmother (Nechomo) had a brother, Boroch, a sister Sima, and another sister Rebecca who all came to the US, also around1898-1901.  I don't know if those were all her siblings or if more were in Bessarabia.   In the 1910 census of  Sima and family it listed Jennie Meckler as the mother and she came to the US and was a widow.  
I am at a road block with the information in the United States and would love to figure out how I can find anything from Yedenitz.  I also don't know anything about my great-grandfather and the Perlman family in Bessarabia.  I read the discussions and would love to have my blurb posted so maybe I could get some direction on what to do.
Thank you for your consideration.  Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Terry Manassee
great-granddaughter of Nechomo (Mekler, Mackler or Meckler) and Charles (Chaskel) Perlman.

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