WG: death record for German emigrant interned at Camps de Gurs, France, in 1941: cause of death: troubles cerebraux #germany #france


Dear Group,

In a death record issued by the physician of he hospital of Camps de Gurs,
Pyrenées, France, from January 1941 I found the somewhat irritating term
that the interned person – a German emigrant - died from “troubles
cerebraux.” There are no other medical entrances in this “certificat de
I found this term in medical articles, related to Multiple sclerosis or
Alcoholisme – both diseases which can cause multiple cerebral disorders.
But was there a special meaning of the term in a death certificate?
There are some suggestions that the person might have committed suicide but
that is not at all clear.
Would the term be compatible with an intoxication?

Barbara Elkeles
North-Rhine Westphalia 

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