Re: Name of Mendelson #names


I would love to share information. I have traced my Mendelson line back to the 1700's. Most of them being born in Mogilev and Shklove Belarus. I still have many gaps in my tree with at least 65 names of Mendelson ancestry that remain a mystery fate unknown. I am always looking for new connections to help fill in those blanks. There are a few leads I have traced with no positive results even though I know there is a connection. That makes me sad, when they don't want to answer you, even just to at least confirm or say no. My great great grandfather was Morduhk Mendelson and his father was a Movsha-Shlema/Shlomo. My great grandmother was Anna Mendelson Rakovschik who was one of at least 12 children. Two of her brothers Samuel and Louis also came to America. 

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