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On 23 Jan. 2015, Tony Hausner wrote
"BBC broadcast last night: The Eichmann Show..."

The film is available at

Gideon Hausner, the Israeli Prosecutor General, was born September 26,
1915, in Lwow (then still Lemberg). His father, Bernard Hausner, was born
1874 in Czortkow , graduated >from the rabbinical seminary in Lwow and
studied philosophy at the universities of Vienna, Prague and Berlin.
During the Polish-Bolshevik war (1918-1920) he served as Military rabbi
in the Polish Army. President of the Galician Mizrahi 1921-1925 and
Deputy in the Sejm, 1922-1927. in 1927 was appointed Commercial
Counselor to the Polish Government in Haifa then in Tel Aviv, where his
son, Gideon, started attending High School. In 1929, while still in
diplomatic post in Tel Aviv, he was awarded the Officer's Cross of the
Order of Polonia Restituta. In 1932, the Polish government appointed
him Polish Consul in Mandatory Palestine and in 1933 he became Consul
General of Poland in Mandatory Palestine. Died in Tel Aviv in 1938 but
his family decided not to return to Poland.

Rivka Schirman nee Moscisker
Paris, France
Searching: MOSCISKER >from Brody, Budzynin, Buczacz, Okopy Szwietej
Trojce, Krakow, Lwow), WEISSMANN and REINSTEIN >from Okopy Szwietej
Trojce (Borszczow, Tarnopol)

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