Tarnow Familes BRAND & SCHEUER #galicia


Hi Fellow Researchers

I am investigating the roots of my BRAND/SCHEUER family in Tarnow.
Does anyone else have Brand or Scheuer connections in Tarnow or the
surrounding area? My relatives are Zalman BRAND son of Pesach (Suche)
and Malke Riwke SCHEUER, who married in Tarnow in 1870 and had six
children there before immigrating to the US. The children are Rosalie,
Beatrice, Regina, Anna, Fanny, Pesach, Lena and Isador. Also of interest
is the Ungar family. Stories of Tarnow between 1859 and 1880 are of
great interest. Naturally, I will share, but my knowledge of the family is
predominantly about their early years in the US.

Thank you

Janet Marcus

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