Re: Trying to confirm marriage - SHAPIRO and ELSNER #austria-czech #belarus

Paul Shapiro

Another member suggested that I should share more information about my Great Aunt. 

I've attached her Declaration of Intent, which has the following information.  There are two bits of info that make me think she's my great aunt, besides her name: Her place of origin - Grodno, and her address in NY, 186 Henry St, which is very close to where my grandfather was living around the same time.  If Elsner is not her spouse, I'd be very interested in knowing whether she did marry and where she lived.  I couldn't find her in a 1920 census as Anna Shapiro.

Here's the DoI info:
Born: 8/15/1893
Where: Grodna, Russia
M. Status: Single
Occupation: Finisher
Resident: 186 Henry St, NYC, NY
Embarkation Point: Rotterdam, Holland
Ship Name: Amsterdam
NY Arrival: 03/15/1913
Date of Filing: 04/04/1918

Thank you!

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