death record for German emigrant interned at Camps de Gurs, France, in 1941: cause of death: troubles cerebraux #germany #france

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,

Before giving my point on death certificates in Gurs camp, I ask you this question: even in our democratic nations, how many deaths will be really referenced as Covid victims?

As our states and our public administrations have a dramatic responsibility in their way to protect (or ... in fact, not protecting) our population, telling truth on death certificates is of great importance.


In ghettos* and camps during Shoah, it has been exactly the same.


Gurs and Rivesaltes internment camp, managed by "French collaboration state " of Marechal Petain till November 1942 in "South free zone" had been hell's gate to our poor internees.


They were mostly foreign Jews who escaped Germany as soon as 1933 or who arrived from Belgium, Nederland or northern France during their "exode" in front of invading nazis army (Blitzkrieg, May-June 1940).


In these camps, men, women and children were really starving, without any sanitation or health care, living in barracks open to all winds.


Jewish organizations could not visit internees and this the HONOR of some American Quakers, Protestants and Catholics organizations to have fought against Petain's will in order to access and help our people.

I am always moved when I read testimonies of young women, young nurses from CIMADE or other NGO (as we say now) who deliberately decided to intern herself and be always presents as first responder.

Climax of their actions have been when deportations started directly from these camps : at their life's risk, they organized smuggling of little children, even in their own backpack, to save them.

Tragic moments happened when they had to convince mothers to let their children go, we have testimonies of these heartbreaking drama.


For a previous answer, I had checked, more than 3.000 internees died in Rivesaltes camp.


Administration could write anything on death certificate, not to be involved, real cause is : they have been killed by Petain's anti-Semitic policy !

Bernard Flam
Archives & History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring of France (Bund / Workmen Circle)
Searching : FLAM, AGID around Lemberg, Olesko, Brody

* my GGF Abe Nusen Kronenberg died in March 1942 of "Thrombosis" in Lodz' ghetto hospital...

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