Re: Jewish Prostitution (was Re: Jewish Argentinians) #latinamerica

Margalit Ashira Ir

Hello Genners,
My aunt was a victim of human trafficking from Russia to Buenos Aires.  She somehow managed to leave the region on to Lima, Peru where she spent the rest of her life.  We were blessed with her visit to Israel in 1951, a year before she died.
How do i find out specifically about her time in Buenos Aires, when she might have left for Peru and what it was like in Peru for her.  Our parents refused to say anything other than "she was an angel" coming to us with gifts of gold, silver and linen in a time when life was quite difficult in Israel.
Any help would be so wonderful to receive.

Warm Regards,
Margalit Ashira Ir
Searching:  EDELMAN, ECKSZTEJN, IR, TUGENDER - Biala Podlaska

JEKIEL, LANDMAN - Galicia (Buczacz, Stanislaw)



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