Rezniks of Pohost, (Slutsk) and New York #belarus #usa


Based on the death certificate of her eldest son David Blistein, I have long assumed that one of my great grandmothers was named Esther Resnick (Blistein) .  Recently I had an old Yiddish letter translated. It  was written to my grandfather in either 1953 or 1959  from his cousin Nathan Resnick in the Bronx.  Using the names of Nathan's wife and daughter in the letter, we were able to trace his brother and sister, also in New York and learn from manifests and death certificates, that their father's name was Abram Resnick, or Resnik or Reznik and that the family came from Pohost.  Since both my grandparents came from the Slutsk area, this was no surprise but we would very much like to find some evidence that Abram Reznik was a sibling of  Esther Resnick who died in childbirth in 1890.  Any Resnicks from Pohost out there?

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