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Hi All
So as I stated in my previous post I have researched this line for years and have it going back to the 1700's. As far as the records revealed my earliest ancestor is Shlomo Mendelson born about 1760. It is not known to me how many children he had. I only have names of two, Nochim born 1788, and Yankel born 1801. Each of them had children and so fourth the branches spread. I have well over 100 names and about 65 of them are a mystery fate unknown. So, I always seek to find connections to help me fill in the blanks. There are decendants out there, that I have been unable to make contact with as of yet but I know they are out there. Some of those maybe under the surname of Doctoroff, Woll/Wall, Allen, and Dumchin to name a few. So if anyone of you out there has any of these connections please contact me. I understand that over the course of history people moved around a lot due to numerous wars and dislike, but I am positive that my line stems solely from Mogilev/Shklove Belarus. Feel free to ask me questions.
Sarah Greenberg(USA)

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