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David Lewin

At 19:07 13/06/2020, Karol Swanson via wrote:
I just discovered my great grandfather's surname was TAJWIL and the
name appears on the JRI list of Rozdal surnames 1869-1901. Can
anyone please tell me how to pronounce this name? Is it Yiddish,
Polish, Russian or whatever? Would there be an English or Yiddish
equivalent of this name?
Also, I have two different first name versions for, what I believe,
is the same person. One is spelled Uszer and the other is Vicher.
Could this be the same name?

Many thanks,
Karol Schlosser Swanson

Dates and countries - or language - would be of great help for this guesswork

I had two possibilities come to mind

1, Tevele - diminutive for Tuvia Tuvia being "Tuv" or "Tov" -
Good and "ia" being God

2, Teufel

David Lewin

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