Re: IAJGS Salutes! Shalom Bronstein #announcements

Sharon Rottman

I would like to congratulate the IAJGS on awarding this recognition to such a worthy individual.
Shalom and his lovely wife, Fran welcomed us to Israel in 1991 smoothing our Aliyah process.
Shalom's genealogy work is legendary and of such value to our community and I have a personal story on that note:
One day he called and asked if i had a copy of my ggrandfather's signature.
When I answered in the negative, he informed me that he had obtained a copy of his grandparents marriage certificate from Philadelphia and no other then my ggrandfather, Rabbi Joseph Grossman, was the officiated Rabbi.
When he later held one of my grandsons at the little boy's bris, I was overwhelmed by this connection between the generations and our families discovered by Shalom.

I was privileged to this very personal assistance in my search for family roots but I can only imagine how many people have been assisted by Shalom's work over the years, 

Keep up the wonderful work!
Sharon Grossman Rottman

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 12:10 AM, Nolan Altman wrote:

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